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Ranks show the amount of people who are sending a monthly subscription payment to you. Only active monthly subscription payments count, one-time payments or stopped monthly subscription payments does not count anymore. This way, you get a better view about your current progress in any given time.

For example, if you have 35 active monthly subscription payments, your rank will be as shown in the diagram above. To increase your rank, simply share your link with more people, hence, more support payments from fans


New members get a $3 welcome gift when they sign up
We don't take commission from the $3 welcome gift

The data above describes the payment commissions/fees system
We have no power over the payment methods fees, which is around 10% for Paypal
Some payment methods don't charge fees, example, Google wallet or Bank transfers
We don't deduct any fees if the payment method does not charge any fees
Our commission is currently at 5% only, for providing this service

Getting paid

Good news, we have several payment methods to pay you. Below you will find all the payment methods currently available and the information required for each method

PayPalMinimum $10Provide your 'PayPal Email' only
PayzaMinimum $10Provide your 'Payza Email' only
Google WalletMinimum $10Provide your 'Google Email' and 'Full Name'
Bank TransferMinimum $30Inside the UK: Provide your 'Full Name', 'Sort Code' and 'Account number'
Outside the UK: Provide your 'Full Name', 'Iban' and 'Swift Code'
Western UnionMinimum $30Provide your 'Full Name' as shown on your ID/Passport, your 'Full Address', your 'Mobile' and your 'Personal Email' to receive the transfer code
Money GramMinimum $30Provide your 'Full Name' as shown on your ID/Passport, your 'Full Address', your 'Mobile' and your 'Personal Email' to receive the transfer code

Simply select your favorite payment method when requesting a payment and add the information required (in the text box). Please make sure the information you provide is correct, to prevent any payment delays. Your payment will be sent within 24 hours

Grabbing the 'v' code

Open the desired video on your browser and copy the code after 'v='

Here are some more examples

Terms of service

By using Zortin.com, you agree to our Terms of service below

- Your username cannot be changed after creating an account, however, your email can
- If we can't use a certain payment method due to lack of information, we will ask for a different method
- If we must pay you using a different currency, we will apply the current exchange rates (xe.com)
- The Earnings transfer fee will be deducted from your final payment, example Western Union fee
- We have the right to decline a payment method and pay you via another payment method
- Payment methods my change and new methods may be added
- We have the full right to remove an account if found unsuitable (Your money will be paid first)
- Money is not transferable from an account to another account
- If an account does abide by the Youtube Terms of service, it will be removed
- If a new created account does not seem used within one month, it will be removed
- This website uses cookies, continues use of this website means you accept our Cookies navigation

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